Honoring our Golden Soror, Mrs. Doris Baptist Hickman

Delta Upsilon Omega Chapter is proud to have many members who were initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® more than 50 years ago! We are grateful for their legacy and honored to have the opportunity to recognize our “Golden” members!

Q: When and where were you initiated?
A: Houston Tillotson College (now Houston Tillotson University) in May 1952 through the Alpha Mu Chapter.

Q: What made you want to join Alpha Kappa Alpha?
A: I was surrounded by teachers and people in the community who were doing great service work and were great educators. Once I arrived to campus, many of my friends were joining AKA. They were very outstanding women, so I followed their lead and pursued AKA.

Q: What offices have you held as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha?
A: Basileus, Membership Chairman and Chaplain. I think I’ve served on just about every committee in the chapter.

Q: What is your fondest memory of joining Alpha Kappa Alpha?
A: Being around women who have done so many things to help humanity, medicine and education. Meeting women from all over the country; when you talk to them you learn so much – they are dedicated women, always looking to uplift and serve others.

Q: Where do you see the sorority in the next decade?
A: I see AKA reaching greater heights. I’ve seen AKA take on a greater scope of projects. I’ve seen the sorority make more and more things come to life. I see us having more say in what is happening in our government. Making more change in every aspect of life, particularly in the social sciences. As long as we see the need out there, we are going to be there to try to make life better for mankind.