Honoring our Golden Soror: Dolores Booker

Delta Upsilon Omega Chapter is proud to have many members who were initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® more than 50 years ago! We are grateful for their legacy and honored to have the opportunity to recognize our “Golden” members!

Q: When and where were you initiated?
A: I was initiated October 1948 at Upsilon Chapter at Washburn University in Topeka, KS

Q: What made you want to join Alpha Kappa Alpha?
A: First of all, many of my friends on campus were AKAs. Also, my elementary school principal lived across the street from me, and she was an AKA from Columbia University in New York – she encouraged me to join AKA.

Q: What offices have you held as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha?
A: Basileus of Delta Upsilon Omega (twice), Basileus of Upsilon Chapter, Regional Conference chairman (twice), Anti-Basileus, Ivy Leaf Reporter, and Graduate Advisor for Beta Theta chapter while serving as Basileus.

Q: What is your fondest memory of joining Alpha Kappa Alpha?
My undergraduate years. We had lots of fun at Washburn. The AKAs were the largest BGLO on campus.

Q: Where do you see the Sorority in the next decade?
A: I hope we continue with a lot of the values that we’ve celebrated and supported. I hope we continue to remain active in our community and encourage political involvement.