National Program Initiatives

DUO Member Princess Stewart with high school students at the HBCU College Fair.

Target I: Educational Enrichment

  • ASCEND℠: Designed to motivate, engage and assist high school students in reaching their maximum potential
  • One Million Backpacks℠: Members will donate and distribute one million backpacks and related school supplies to students over the four year period
  • Think HBCU℠: Highlighting HBCUs and their contribution to the sorority and society

Target III: Family Strengthening

  • Community based Childhood Hunger Initiatives will be launched in partnership with local agencies, food banks and community pantries.
  • The Family Seasonal Wraps℠ Program is a major initiative to collect and donate hats, gloves, socks, scarves, coats, sweaters and other seasonal wraps for families in need.
  • Fiscal Responsibility Programs to help increase community understanding of budgeting, basic financial planning and benefits of home ownership.

Target II: Health Promotion

  • The Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregiver Support Program will generate awareness and support for Alzheimer’s programming and research
  • Stroke and Heart Disease Awareness with emphasis on hypertension management, diet and exercise
  • Mental Health will be highlighted with attention to mental illness among diverse populations with low utilization of mental health services

Target IV: Environmental Ownership

  • The AKA 1908 Playground Project℠ involves efforts to restore and renew 1,908 existing community and school playgrounds with our Restore, Refresh and Renew Project℠
  • The Acts of Green Program℠ promotes environmental sustainability by encouraging recycling, litter prevention and waste management through daily green efforts in local communities

Target V: Global Impact

  • The UNA-USA Global Classrooms Project prepares today’s youth for an increasingly global and complex society
  • Through our Africare partnership, we lead youth hunger initiatives on the continent of Africa

International Community Service Days highlight our collective impact in program target areas:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (January)
  • Pink Goes Red for Heart Health Day (February)
  • 1908 Playgrounds Mobilization Day (May)
  • The Longest Day™ Alzheimer’s Support Activities (June)
  • Mental Health Awareness Day (July)
  • Childhood Hunger Awareness Day (October)